My name is Rachit Kinger.

I blog about things in data science and linux (sometimes general and random hacks). Basically, things I found difficult to understand or learn. Professionally, I am head of data and analytics at a media company in the UK called JPIMedia head of data science at Codec.

I love to hack solutions of all kinds: carpentry, plumbing, electrical circuits, cooking, gardening, bike fixing, my daughter’s dresses and clothes, business problems and, last but not the least, data hacks!

Talk to me about

  • Digital media - understanding user behaviour to inform content strategy, subscription strategy (psst. especially subscription strategy)
  • Building data pipelines in the cloud, especially Google Cloud
  • Text analytics / NLP / text mining
  • Data visualizations using Shiny, Data Studio, Plotly or simple pencil on paper :)

Lazy copy from my twitter profile

One time editor, digital product guy, trained to navigate a ship but prefer cycling. Spend lots of time studying the internet. #datanerd #rstats #londonR

A previous intro included my interest in music, especially bansuri, a traditional flute made of bamboo but I won’t bore you with that here