Add multiple conda environments to Jupyter Lab

So I have multiple conda environments but I have two main ones - one which I use as base and one for quick data science explorations. When I’m working on a specific project I usually end up building a specific environment for that project (yes I don’t use docker for every project. I just find it easier to spin up a new environment for simple tasks)

I recently reformatted my comptuer and set-up my usual dual-boot - Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10. I installed Jupyter Lab on my base environment. Inside Jupyter Lab I tried to fire up my data science explorations environment (ds-base) and realised that Jupyter was not showing it as one of my available interpreters.

Long story short, I did the following to enable my ds-base environment to show up in my Jupyter Lab, and I think this logic can be extended to as many environments available in your system.

In your bash/terminal enter the following commands:

$ conda activate base  
(base) $ conda install ipykernel  
(base) $ ipython kernel install --user --name=ds-base  
(base) $ conda deactivate  

That’s it. Now when I fire up my Jupyter Lab from within my base environment I also see my ds-base env available as an interpreter. I haven’t tested it in great detail but it appears to me that the above steps should work even if you want to use it for a virtualenv.

Hope this was helpful.